Hyperthermia Products

ALBA ON 4000

A compact integrated technology system for oncological treatments with minimally invasive temperature sensors and a colour Doppler scanner to carry out quick high-quality treatments on different kinds of tumours.
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ALBA Hyperhermia System ON4000 product

ALBA ON 4000 Double

A double unit is made of two ON 4000 units that allow to carry out simultaneous treatments (like Radiotherapy + Hyperthermia). The two units are integrated by a PC console connected to a LCD Touch Screen Control Panel and allow for the remote setting of the treatment and its monitoring.

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ALBA HPA 434 MHz amplifiers/generator

The RF Amplifier device is a last generation solid state amplification system for a frequency source signal of 433,92 MHz used for clinical hyperthermia treatment with adjustable RF power levels from 0 to 250 Watts (full scale).

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The system can be supplied with multiple amplifier (4, 8, 12, etc...) housed on a special rack.